Youth of Europe sounds the alarm on net neutrality

More than 80 political youth parties in 30 European countries are heavily dissapointed by the intentions of the EU-Council of Ministers not to safeguard Net Neutrality! Today, the Council will decide whether they will keep allowing internet providers to censor or slow down internet services. For the first time in history, youth organizations from all over the continent and from all political families have united for a political cause. In Luxembourg, the Democratic and Liberal Youth (JDL) has joined the coalition.

The open internet in danger

The European Parliament and several EU-member states have already spoken out in favour of net neutrality, which prevents internet service providers (ISPs) from discriminating internet traffic. Multiple reports indicate that the EU-Council is fiercely opposing those efforts, to the dissatisfaction of the European youth. ISPs want to decide which websites their clients are allowed to visit. If telephone companies would decide who you are allowed to call, everyone would oppose it. The same principle should be applied to the internet, and that’s why we need a net neutrality law.

Largest youth coalition in history

It never happened before that so much youth organizations in Europe bundled their forces behind a single message: “Ministers, do not let telecom providers decide which policy you support. Instead, listen to this call from Europe’s youth, the generation that grew up with the internet. You can no longer ignore such a strong statement, which is supported up from left to right and from all corners of the continent.”

The full text of the manifesto, including a list of all signatories, is available on the website

JDL zur Netzneutralität